10 Awesome Mortgage Tips for 2017


Predictions of 2017 were that Donald Trump will occupy the Oval office, and home sales will accelerate.

What about mortgage rates? They were low during 2016, and they could remain low in 2017 as well as they can rise. Who knows?

Whatever goals you have for purchases or loans, here are 10 best mortgage tips for 2017 :

1. Make a small down payment, or none at all


Lenders claim they often eliminate the mistaken idea that home-buyers have to make down payments of at least 20%. Actually, some loan programs, such as The Department of Veterans Affairs, The U.S.

Department of Agriculture and Navy Federal Credit Union and, let on qualified people to buy homes without any down payment. While other loan programs, such as Federal Housing Administration (FHA), allow tiny down payments of 3% or 3.5%.